Fields of Expertise

Chris has over 30 years of law enforcement experience and provides private investigation and process serving services throughout the state of Montana. He has worked hard to develop excellent relationships with law enforcement agencies, the legal community, and business owners throughout the state of Montana.

Lone Rock Investigations is dedicated to providing exceptional private investigation and process serving services.  We are fiscally responsible to our customers.  Contact us to get started on your investigation today!

Civil Process Service

I am a licensed process server through the state of Montana and am bonded and insured.  As a general rule, clients are charged a set rate for process service with no added fees for additional attempts at service.

General Investigations

I have 31 years of law enforcement experience and have conducted an array of complex criminal investigations.  I spent ten years of my carreer working as a narcotics investigator, supervisor and Task Force Commander.  In 2013, I received the Montana Narcotics Officers Association Officer of the Year award after being nominated by my peers in the narcotics investigation field”

Fraud Investigations

I have worked with insurance companies to investigate individuals suspected of insurance fraud, using a number of evidence collection methods. These include corroborating the suspected fraud as well as exonerating those suspected of fraud or deceit. Above all, it is important for clients to know that I will maintain a neutral approach when collecting data and information.

Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations are a particularly sensitive element of private investigation work. Therefore, it is conducted discreetly with due diligence and care. Neutrality and objectivity are essential in domestic investigations.  Lone  Rock Investigations is grounded on the principals of ethical practices and philosophies. This insures the privacy of my clients and allows me to focus on objective information and evidence gathering.


I am a highly trained, knowledgeable and skilled interviewer. I have conducted thousands of interviews during my law enforcement career. Additionally, I have an ability to establish rapport with some of the most hardened individuals in society.  Eliciting detailed and truthful information from those being interviewed is vital. This allows me to complete an accurate, balanced and fair investigation. I can assist clients by conducting interviews on their behalf in an effort to seek facts and information.

Skip Searching & Locating Those Hard to Find

I utilize a number of nationwide data bases and other available resources to search and locate hard to find people. This may include lost relatives, old friends, witnesses, those who owe debts and others.

Asset Protection & Recovery

Lone Rock Investigations offers services related to protecting assets as well as recovering those assets that have been stolen, hidden or seized improperly by parties often involved in civil disputes and litigation.

Case Analysis

I have worked closely with the legal community throughout Cascade County and the State of Montana. My experience and insight can lend assistance to attorneys and legal professionals in both civil and criminal investigations.

Backround Investigations

I have conducted numerous employment background investigations. Therefore, I can assist employers in insuring that they are hiring the best candidates.  Lone Rock Investigations can also assist clients in confirming the validity of information. This includes prior employment, criminal convictions, previous addresses and other historical information.